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Call our San Jose personal injury attorneys now at (800) 985-9565. We provide free consultations, and we charge no upfront fees. If you, or a loved one, have sustained injuries due to the fault of another person or party, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our San Jose accident injury lawyers have over 100 combined years of experience. In fact, we’ve won well over $300 million dollars for our clients. We’d love to be able to help you obtain the financial justice you deserve, but you need to call us first. Click here or call us now to learn more about your legal rights after suffering an injury.

We’ve been helping people throughout San Jose protect their financial interests after an accident injury. Most of our clients have lots of questions about getting paid, how the injury process works from a legal standpoint, and how much their claim is worth. We provide free consultations, which we believe allows you to ask all of the questions you have. Best of all, we routinely clean our office, and we practice social distancing, all in an effort to protect our employees and clients during the COVID-19 crisis. We can even provide free, virtual consultations via ZOOM. So, if you prefer to stay at home we can still meet “face to face” over a video call.

Our goal is to help San Jose injury victims. From assisting with submitting and managing your injury claim to even coordinating a loan while you wait for a settlement offer, we’re here to help you when you need it most. Keep reading to learn more about our San Jose personal injury attorneys or call us now at (800) 985-9565 to schedule a free consultation.

San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim in San Jose

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you may want to jump of submitting a claim. However, prior to filing a personal injury claim in San Jose, we suggest talking to an attorney. See, insurance companies love to paint a picture that when we need their help, they will embrace us with open arms. They claim to be “like a good neighbor” and they love to tell us that “we are in good hands”. Sadly, this is far from the truth.

Insurance companies make billions of dollars by collecting monthly policy payments. They take that money and reinvest it into different financial vehicles. All in an effort to turn a profit. However, when an insurance company pays out on a big injury claim they lose money. So, what does this mean and why do we believe you should consult with an injury lawyer prior to accepting a settlement offer? Keep reading to learn more about injury claims and why retaining a San Jose accident injury law firm may be your best bet. Especially if you want to obtain the type of financial compensation you want.

Hiring a San Jose Accident Injury Lawyer

Do you remember when you obtained your insurance policy? Most likely you filled out lots of paperwork, lots of forms, and lots of disclosures. Furthermore, most likely, your insurance agent didn’t take the time to explain every little thing you signed off on, including how you would get paid after an injury or what the insurance firm would cover if you hurt someone else. Guess what, the person who injured you probably signed similar paperwork.

See, insurance firms hire high powered lawyers to write “airtight” contracts, all to protect their bottom line. In addition, insurance companies employ adjusters and underwriters. Their job is to analyze your claim, to determine if it’s legitimate, and to also try to find ways to wiggle out of paying. Basically, insurance firms look for “loopholes” to get out of being squeezed financially. Hiring a San Jose accident injury lawyer can give you legal ally. Put someone on your side, someone who is out for your best interests. Best of all, our San Jose injury law firm charges no money upfront. We provide free consultations, charge no money whatsoever upfront, and we only get paid if you get paid first.

Types of Injury Cases we Represent in San Jose

If you’re visiting our website, chances are, you’ve been injured in an accident. And, if you’re taking the time to browse through our site’s pages, you may be looking for a specific type of injury lawyer. Some injury firms focus solely on vehicle related injuries, others take on complex cases such as medical malpractice or wrongful death. We believe that one thing that sets us apart from other injury firms is that we represent all types of injury claims.

Our law firm has offices throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and New Mexico. We represent injury victims throughout the entire Southwestern United States. So, if you’ve been hurt in a trucking accident, car crash, motorcycle wreck we can help. In turn, if you’ve slipped and hit your head, if you’ve been bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal, or if you were hit by a car while jogging or walking, we also have your back. In addition, we also handle complex injury cases such as wrongful death, medical malpractice, and injuries that cause permanent disabilities.

Take a look at some of the types of injury cases we represent. Remember, if you have any questions, please give us a call right away at (800) 985-9565. We’re open 24 hours a day and we provide free consultations.

San Jose Auto Accident Injury Lawyers

Car crashes happen far too often in San Jose. If, and when, you get into a wreck, you may need an attorney on your side. We can help. Our San Jose auto accident injury lawyers have over 100 years of combined legal experience. In addition, we’ve won over $300 million dollars for our clients.

Premises Liability Attorneys in San Jose

When you visit a public park, supermarket, or movie theatre the manager and owner of the facility is required by law to keep it safe and clean. Also, construction companies and county workers who perform maintenance and build developments on our streets are required to keep walk areas safe. If you’ve “fallen and can’t get up” reach for our hand. We can help, and we know how to handle slip and fall claims. These types of cases are known as premises liability claims.

San Jose Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog bite injuries can cause much more than just physical scars. The anxiety, and potential permanent fear of animals, can become overwhelming. Especially when young children are the victims. Sadly, kids seem to end up getting bit by dogs much more than adults. We know how to fight for the financial justice you, and your children deserve.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice is sometimes referred to as “med-mal” by injury attorneys. Our San Jose medical malpractice lawyers understand the complexity of these types of cases. In order for an attorney to obtain a settlement, or a court verdict in your favor, we need to prove that the medical professional was grossly negligent. This isn’t an easy task; however, we have the track record and case history proving we know how to win these types of injury claims.

San Jose Truck Accident Lawyers

San Jose and all over California is prone to trucking accidents. We supply the rest of the nation with produce, and we have shipping plants all throughout our great state. That means our freeways and highways are packed full of semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and large commercial trucks. Our San Jose truck accident lawyers know how to fight insurance and big trucking companies. Let us fight to get you paid what you deserve after suffering a truck accident-related injury.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer

If you, or a loved one, have been injured due to the negligent acts of another person, we can help. We’ve done so for over 100 combined years. Our law firm knows how to fight, and we know how to win. In fact, we’ve won well over $300 million dollars for our clients and counting. No one cares more about injury victims than the legal team at the Southwest Legal Group.

Remember, our law firm is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our entire staff is bilingual, and we are fluent in English and Spanish. Don’t delay, don’t take on an insurance company all on your own. Call the San Jose personal injury lawyers at Southwest Legal Group today.


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